Market Analysis

Martinez and Associates team of potent and highly effective investment advisors work together to evaluate, research, negotiate and execute maximizing value for their clients. Martinez and Associates can help with the complete Market Analysis report or clients can select particular reports such as rent comparables. Martinez and Associates offers the most in depth and current market research availabe today.

  • Comparables : Find out what your return on investment should be by requesting a rent comparables report. We conduct research on rent payment continously because we know how much it means our clients' bottom line.
  • Sales Comparables : How much should you sell your property for? What should you expect to investment? Let Martinez and Associates give you the pulse on the current market conditions.
  • Demographic Analysis : Size, composition and spatial distribution of human populations and how these features change over time effect how we invest. Let Martinez and Associates help you use this vaulable information to maximize your return

Rent Comparables

Martinez and Associates provides market rent analyses, giving you an immediate and accurate insight on how a property of interest is performing relative to it’s peers. Our market rent analyses evaluate the interested property, competing properties and market conditions to document an equitable level of rent in an arm’s length transaction. Market rents are researched regularly for market studies, appraisals and to provide an owner or prospective investor with objective and informed opinions.

As cases warrant Martinez and Associates will include suggestions for financially feasible upgrades as part of the scope of the market rent analysis. Suggestions for upgrades can enable the owner to substantially enhance the value of the property. The market rent analysis includes:

  • Rent growth comparisons

  • Vacancy growth comparisons

  • Comparables group growth trends

Sales Comparables

Martinez and Associates provides the industry’s most comprehensive sales comparables. Comps, or comparables, are regarded an important and vital tool in determining a property’s value. They contrast criteria from recently-sold properties in the market, such as sale price, age of property, size, square footage and rate of return.

Each report includes key transaction details, such as:

  • Property characteristics

  • Buyer

  • Seller

  • Price

  • Cap Rate

Demographic Analysis

Demographics is the study of populations. A demographic analysis looks at a specific population to describe the population and its characteristics, such as average education level, average age, income level, ethnic distribution, and other characteristics. A demographic analysis is vital to the return of investment on interested properties. Martinez and Associates provides in depth demographic reports and analysis in order for their clients to make the most informed investment decision for the present and the future.